Miette the Bookworm

Miette and I decided to use Goodreads to keep track of her reading progress and favorite books. She’s also trying her hand at writing reviews. Feel free to follow along!

Miette ‘s bookshelf: read

Coraline: The Graphic Novel
4 of 5 stars
I thought it was very, very cool. It was a little scary. I liked the artwork because it looked like The Astonishing X-men artwork, and that kind of style is one of my favorites. I think the character Coraline is awesome because she was a…
Ponyo Picture Book
5 of 5 stars
Ponyo was a very, very good book. I liked that Ponyo could turn into a girl and a fish. Her father lived under water, and so did her mom. Her mom was very big. I think she wanders around the sea. It’s like she’s an explorer. My favorite …
How to Behave and Why
5 of 5 stars
I think this book was very, very important for all kids, because it teaches you about things, like how to behave and what to do when your friend doesn’t feel like being your friend anymore, maybe because they think you told a lie, and af…

Share book reviews and ratings with Miette , and even join a book club on Goodreads.

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