About Stefanie

I’m incredibly bad at writing autobiographies and insecure about my writing abilities in general. Nevertheless, I’m documenting all sorts of things around here: this blog started as a way to keep track of local vegan food, but has (d)evolved into a mishmash of family-friendly vegan recipes and bits about my other interests which range from dinosaurs to linguistics, ecological concerns to media criticism, feminism, parenting, and books. I’m currently a full-time student, mother to one extraordinary six-year-old and a delightful little baby, and wife to a brilliant yet quirky gentleman. I live among towering cases of books and vinyl, endless clutter, and far too many digital distractions. My soul-sister, a tiny but spirited cat named Mo Vox, doesn’t understand a lick of it, but remains supportive of nearly all my endeavors.

Miss Mo Vox, feline librarian

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