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Miette at the Market

This past Saturday marked our last family trip to the local farmers market. Of all the places (events?) in Champaign Urbana, this lively and abundant market tops the list of things I will miss most. I have my favorite farmers, my preferred bakers, musicians that I look forward to seeing each week. Our family dinners and many cherished recipes are the result of the market’s seasonal offerings. It was certainly a bittersweet day.

Piatto Strawberry Spinach Smoothie

Imagine my surprise when, after years of going to this market, it was only this past Saturday that I discovered that the Piato booth had smoothies. GREEN smoothies! They will add market fresh spinach to any smoothie on their menu; I went with a classic: strawberry and spinach. Delicious, and the perfect thing as it was mighty hot in that parking lot.

Cracked Plan B

There used to be a vegetarian/vegan food truck at the market, but they sold their business last year. Since they left, finding veg food at the market can be a challenge (I mean, cooked veg food, because, duh, there are fruits and vegetables everywhere). The Cracked breakfast truck actually has an option or two, if you omit the cheese. The Plan B grilled wrap (yes, that’s a morning after pill joke, I’m pretty sure the truck was started by frat boys) is actually pretty good; it’s filled with sun-dried tomatoes, greens, peppers, onions, and hummus. Add some sweet potato tater tots, and that’s a pretty hearty meal.

Cracked Sweet Potato Tater Tots

I skipped out on posting yesterday, as our moving truck arrives tomorrow and I found myself too buried in packing duties to think of anything else. Moving is stressful, no doubt. Today is going to be a doozy as well, and I’m fully expecting that by the time the late hours hit, my organizational motivation will have disintegrated leaving me with at least a half a dozen boxes sloppily labeled “Miscellaneous.” Historically, at the eleventh hour of moving, I’ve been known to turn my frustration into generosity, and I am already eye-balling even more things to donate to charity. At least Calista is enjoying the opportunity to roost atop the towers like the queenly cat she is.

Calista Moves

Seriously, look at that mug! A beauty!

Calista is a beautyI’ll be back tomorrow with another round-up. Happy Thursday!