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I’m wrapping up my week, and planning on spending my weekend knee-deep in boxes, firing off Craigslist ads to get rid of unwanted furniture, and hauling stuff off to charities. We are indeed downsizing. Casey innocently asked, “What size truck do we need? 10 foot, 14 foot or–,” and I quickly snapped, “If it won’t fit in 14 feet of truck, we can’t have it!” Luckily, he liked my resolve as we’ve both been feeling rather suffocated by possessions in the last year or two.

While I am pretty happy that I have thus far managed to post everyday I’ve planned to so far, I’m going to have to admit that I haven’t made it anywhere close to visiting all of the blogs on the MoFo roll. Even so, here are some highlights from what I have seen. Please leave links to your own blogs and/or favorite recipes in the comments so I can go check ’em out!


Windy City Vegan – Buckwheat Cornmeal Pear Pancakes Casey had developed superior brunch-cooking skills, and buckwheat pancakes are on the top of his list. I’m pretty excited to kick this recipe his way and sit back while he does all the work. The addition of cornmeal and pears makes this seem incredibly early-fall appropriate, and we may have to make this part of our first official family breakfast up North.

Oh She Glows – Sugar-Free Apple Pie Chia Seed Jam and Breakfast Parfait Sticking with breakfast, this parfait over at Oh She Glows looks pretty great. Her chia jam recipe is a little different from mine; I’ll be posting mine later this month. I’m most excited to try the overnight oats. Miette would probably love to construct these with me and take them in her lunch or eat them on the way to school.

The Vegan Kitchen of Dr. Caligari – Azuki Bean Paste Filled Cupcakes with Green Tea and Caramel Frosting WHAT!?! No, really. WHAT!?! These cupcakes sound completely ridiculous/crazy/delicious/creative/fun. Miette (and I) both really love Sailor Moon, this gets me thinking we should have a theme dinner with lots of great Japanese foods, featuring these as dessert. Sailor Moon Says!


The Kitchen Operas – Kale and Garlic Scape Hummus Lindsay at Kitchen Operas is doing an entire month of hummus! Hummus was one of Ciaran’s earliest foods, and one he still loves, especially when it is extra garlicky. I’m also a fan of adding extra greens, kale sitting at the top of that list, whenever I can. This might be the new staple hummus recipe around these parts.

Carrie on Vegan – Portabello Pizzas Miette is the picky one, but if you call it a pizza, she will eat it. She also happens to love mushrooms. I could see these being a regular weekly meal, and if they taste good cold, making their way into the lunch box, too.


Hot Vegan Chick…Peas! – Puppeh Edition I don’t know if you all know this, but even though I am definitely a cat person, in that I might actually believe that I can’t make it through life without a glorious feline beast by my side and I feel lost when I go too long without hearing and feeling a faint contented purr, I love dogs. And I have missed having dogs so much, but my life just hasn’t been stable enough for such a creature. Up North, I have a beautiful Boxer for a Fur-Nephew, and while he already totally adores me, I have some extra flour I want to use up before leaving, so he is definitely getting a batch or two of these dog biscuits.

And while this last link isn’t food, and isn’t part of Vegan MoFo, can we just talk about these absolutely drop dead gorgeous boots from the Fall line of The Brave Gentlemen?

I would like to take a minute to say that the images above are not mine, which should be fairly obvious, as links to their creators follow each one respectively. But just in case, if you share these recipes/photos, please give credit to the original sources, not me. Food blogging and photography are hard work, y’all! Also, if I’ve posted something of yours, and you would like it to not appear on this blog, please just contact me. I usually don’t post other people’s content, but for the sake of MoFo linking, I think the photos speak louder than text 🙂

Happy Weekend everyone!