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Vegan MoFoI decided to wait until after the holiday to get my MoFo going this year. I had themed days planned and intentions of featuring recipes and tutorials for some of my fancier kitchen equipment. And guess what? Life happens, and this month is going to be a little more chaotic around here. The short story: I had an allergic reaction to my arthritis medication, wound up in the E.R., and basically can’t continue working until I get my pain under control. Because life with two children can cause a lot of wear and tear on even the healthiest of mothers, we’ve decided to move North towards Chicago to be near family and get ourselves sorted. This is happening now, as in this month. I am still going to try to post very frequently, and do my best to stick with a few themed days.

The Schedule:

Mondays – Vegan Babies and Kiddos! Expect to find baby food recipes, snack ideas, and at the end of the month I will be hosting a give away for Super Baby Food.

Tuesdays – Media!  I’ll be sharing more cookbook reviews, as well as some of my favorite podcasts and ebooks.

Wednesdays – ???! This was going to be “How to Use that Fancy Equipment” but since my kitchen and equipment are going to be packed up and shipped off, I’m not sure that is really feasible. Let’s make Wednesdays just general original recipes? I may be pulling from some unseasonal posts I stashed away, like strawberry-rhubarb chia jam, but I will try to make some suggestions for seasonably appropriate modifications.

Thursdays – Miscellaneous!  Since I will be leaving Champaign-Urbana, I thought it might be nice to highlight some of my favorite local dishes and restaurants again–this is, after all, how my blog began. I think we are planning on going to Chicago VeganMania mid month, so that may come up, as well adventures in finding vegan food in the ‘burbs. Casey and I are expecting to spend weekends in Chicago for farmers markets, food co-ops, and vegan restaurants. What I am saying is, I don’t know what Thursday will be about; it’s a day of discovery!

Fridays – MoFo Love! Fridays I’ll be sharing links to my favorite MoFo posts of the previous week. I’m looking forward to making new friends and finding new blogs to follow.

Illustration by Akbar Ali, click for website

Illustration by Akbar Ali, click for website

Today is Tuesday, so it’s Media Day. It also happens to be the release date of Margaret Atwood’s new book MaddAddam, the last book of a trilogy that has greatly influenced my life. What does any of this have to do with vegan food, you ask? Nothing. And Everything! Reading and writing have always been at the center of my life. It’s not uncommon for a piece of literature to hit me fast and hard, shake my core and influence my reality. A few years ago, I finally got around to reading the first book of the trilogy, Oryx and Crake.

It’s masterful speculative fiction: it takes on climate change, genetic engineering, food production, inequality, and abusive corporate entities. Atwood weaves a tale of global destruction that seems highly plausible, with elements of the fantastical. I’m not going to give a full review, and I don’t want to spoil anything for those of you who haven’t read it, but it features a group of vegans (well, “beegans,” as they do keep bees in their roof-top gardens) called “God’s Gardeners.” The parallels between the real world and this fictitious one were frightening, and sent me on a long journey of researching food production, environmental practices, and yes, veganism. Like only the best fiction can do, Oryx and Crake shook the apathy out of me and caused me to reevaluate my convictions, to rethink the world I want to live in and focus on how my behavior contributes to that world. Highly recommended reading!

Is there anything in particular any of you would like me to cover this month? Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section!