I can’t believe it took me this long, but I finally did it: I placed an order with Lush. I had been curious about their products for quite some time, but I was hoping to make it into a store at some point before buying anything. They are a vegetarian company with lots of clearly labelled vegan products, they have a great deal of transparency about their ingredients and their processing and go light on the preservatives (most products sport an expiration date as a result), they actively fight to end animal testing, and they use recycled materials for their minimal packaging. I think the closest store is in Chicago, though. I’m impatient and at this point, I rarely travel. Enter the wonderful world of online shopping! I set out looking to solve a few problems: post-baby skin woes such as blackheads, occasional breakouts, and the reappearance of keratosis pilaris as well as needing some serious hair help as I have been hitting the bottle pretty hard lately.164982_10151561332643288_168576308_n

I picked up quite a few things (I wound up placing a second order after trying some smaller-sized bars and samples), but these are the stars, and have fast become central to my grooming routine. And by “routine” I mean hopping in the shower for a full five minutes as often as I can but not as often as I need while I keep my fingers crossed that that delightful, bubbly, now creeping and crawling and climbing adorable beast doesn’t manage to cast off the shackles of pack ‘n’ play solitary while I’m covered in soap.

Lush Faves

First up is the Buffy bar. This is the best exfoliating bar I have ever had, and it is so loaded with moisturizing butters and oils that I can skip lotion. Bonus points awarded for helping me streamline my bathroom time, and this has really helped with the keratosis pilaris.

Next is R&B, a hair moisturizer, which I am pretty sure is heaven sent. After trying to bleach the blue out of my hair (twice, and I am currently aqua and white!), my strands were suffering. And breaking and I think possibly even melting there for a minute. I was certain that a pixie cut would be in near future, but in walks R&B with it’s ridiculously powerful floral scent (bonus points: it makes my hair smell fantastic for up to three days without washing) and crazy heavy duty moisture. If you have fine hair that is in good shape, don’t even think about this product; you’ll be a grease ball. Are coarse, curly, over-processed or prone to breakage? Just buy this already. It’s pricy, but it only takes the tiniest amount, so I imagine my current tub will last me through its expiration date. Keeping on the topic of hair, Blousey is the most gentle shampoo I have ever used that still manages to be effective. It smells dreamy, and while it can be a little messy getting it out of the tub, it lathers up really nicely and is packed full of bananas which apparently help seal in moisture.

The (unfortunately named) Hottie massage bar is a game changer: you just rub the bar across your skin and it melts slightly, leaving the perfect amount of oil behind. No messy bottles and no overly greasy skin. They claim the bar is warming, but I didn’t really notice any warming sensation. Even so, the texture of the oil and the brilliant delivery system make this well worth checking out.
The only thing I’ve ordered so far that hasn’t impressed me is the Dark Angels scrub. It actually made my breakouts worse, but I just realized looking at the description that it has avocado oil in it, which I recently found out that I am allergic to avocados. Ha, well, mystery solved! I leave you on this beautiful spring day with a Lush of the shoegaze variety. Sweetness and Light, indeed.

Note: Lush did not provide me with any products or compensation. The reviews are my own opinions and based on my experience.