Miette and I all dolled-up for a night of rough-and-tumble roller skating

Miette and I all dolled-up for a night of rough-and-tumble roller skating

This spring break has been a whirlwind of roller skating, making art with friends, catching up with my sister, hot chocolate/tea dates with Miki, parties at the library, and baby showers. I’d been floundering a bit lately, getting stuck in unhealthy cycles likely brought about from exhaustion and stress, and I feel so much more content and connected to my friends and family than I have in ages. My cabin fever broke just in time for me to get out a bit before we are blanketed by a snow storm.

Just a few things to post about this lazy Sunday. I discovered a new (to me) blog called Grimmricksen, and Jennifer from that blog and Jennifer from Grits and Moxie have started up Feminist Book Club. They are currently reading The Awakening and Other Stories by Kate Chopin, which I happen to have on my shelf and have been meaning to get to for well over a year. I read The Awakening some years ago, before becoming a mother I do believe, and it is something I think I would do well to revisit. So, I’m jumping on the bandwagon!

Google Reader. I can’t even. How could you?  Not to be overly dramatic, but I’ve had my Reader for years; it provides me news, entertainment, and fills my head with ideas, and I spent hours organizing the categories to get them just-so. And now I’m told Reader is leaving me!? Well, fine! I’ve decided to move on, and I finally checked out Bloglovin’. I really like it. It’s well organized and a very clean design.  And, you can follow my blog on there, too, just click below!

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