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Quinoa Salad with Toasted AlmondsJust a few things found here and there that have been providing me with some inspiration lately:

  • The Quinoa Salad with Toasted Almonds recipe from Whole Living is just as flavorful and delicious hot as it is cold. This recipe is easily doubled, and I like to use a mix of red, black, and white quinoa (shown above) to make it a little more festive looking. Also, I don’t even bother taking the time to toast the almonds, I just throw them in raw.
  • Sayward is back to blogging over at Bonzai Aphrodite! While I loved her before, her new-found perspective on strained positivity is really resonating with me.
  • There is a new post on Sylvia Plath (who took her own life 50 years ago today) on Brain Pickings and it features a wonderful illustration by Wendy MacNoughton. I love the “Circles of Influence” collaboration she and Maria have been developing!Sylvia Plath | Circles of Influence
  • This video of a fantastic fella simply killing the Zelda theme on theremin! If this doesn’t motivate me to practice, nothing will.
  • I’ve been pouring over the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Catalog. It’s almost time to start planting, and I’m getting very, very excited about spring. I’m planning a large variety of greens this year, including a few new kales and lots of interesting Asian greens.

I’m also looking forward to watching Mik rock gymnastics this afternoon (that tiny human has uh-MAZE-ing arm strength!) and taking in my first restorative yoga class! What’s motivating you?