I am off to a slow start! Last week, I managed to hit three goals (out of seven!): cupcakes, no phone before bed, and working on hand-lettering. However, some of my other goals are progressing, as I made juice for breakfast multiple times, and fit in morning stretching about half of the week. I completely failed at not eating out and I barely touched (no pun intended) the theremin. Now, I can make excuses, but instead I’m just going to put them right at the top of the list for this next week. So, the WEEK 2 GOALS are as follows:

  1. NO EATING OUT – I can’t afford it physically or financially, and I need to learn to better plan for those inevitable hectic days.
  2.  Practice the theremin – three hours was probably unrealistic last week. This week, I’ll shoot for half that.
  3. Keep making juice for breakfast, and maybe even introduce Cia to his first green juice this week if he seems interested.
  4. Stretching every morning, and this week, add in the Aerial Arms exercises from Sarah over at Sillygrrl.com. Shooting for three times a week, to start. As I type this, my arms are so sore from gymnastics, and it has become very obvious that I am going to need some supplemental work outs if I am ever going to reach my larger physical goals.
  5. Blog regularly. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday seem reasonable.
  6.  Make Valentine’s Day cards with Miette.
  7. Read a graphic novel.

This first week (and a few days, I know, I’m late with this) was a little difficult for me, as I had a flare up of some health problems that have been plaguing me quite some time. I finally accepted that to ignore these seemingly systemic issues and not try to get a diagnosis was not the same as not being sick. Oh, denial! You are a wicked one. So I’m off to the rheumatologist this week, and making that appointment last week has managed to turn dread into a bit of contentment in that I am proud of myself for finally putting my health at the forefront.

These are the groceries of a woman determined to drink her vegetables.

These are the groceries of a woman determined to drink her vegetables.

What’s everyone else working on for the upcoming week?