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Wholesome Chow Cupcakes

This weekend, Miette and I tackled one of my WEEK 1 GOALS and made some gluten-free vegan cupcakes! The sad fact about gluten-free baking is that it usually takes gobs and gobs of cash to get a stash of flours, starches, and things like xantham gum to make even the most mundane of baked goods. Even with an arsenal of flours, stir that dough a moment to long and expect your texture to take a hit. I’ll confess to a hefty dose of scepticism when I came across Wholesome Chow cake mixes. Gluten-free, vegan, and organic? It sounded to good to be true. And now is probably the perfect time to mention that I bought these myself and this review reflects my own opinions and experiences. So with that out of the way, oh my! These mixes make for one dangerous convenience food! Delicious, easy, quick? Yep times 3.

Wholesome Chow cupcakes

Miette and I tried out the chocolate lavender cake mix, and added cocoa powder to the vanilla icing mix (as per the instructions) to make chocolate icing. The texture of the cake wasn’t gummy at all, it was moist and a bit airy, and the icing, which we made using Earth Balance, was pretty decent. My only complaint was that the directions said to wait 15 minutes before icing, which we did, but our icing began to melt and soften. I recommend waiting a bit longer or even placing the cakes in the fridge before icing. They had a light lavender scent, which I was grateful for, because after my attempt at lavender-vanilla vodka, anything with a too-powerful floral scent just activates my gag reflex, and they were very sweet. Really rich in fact, as Mik and I found our sweet teeth satisfied halfway through a cupcake. I’m excited to try out the Chai cake flavor next, and I think I may have finally found the perfect bake sale cop-out mix! 🙂