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We’ve got a new favorite veggie burger these days. Hilary’s Eat Well Adzuki Bean Burgers have a delicious flavor (thanks to cumin and chiles), and the texture is divine; they cook up easily and quickly in a skillet and develop the perfect level of crisp on the outside. I’ve been foregoing buns and breads, and these patties are so good they don’t even require the usual burger fixings. I also love that they are packed with quinoa instead of rice. Not only are they better than the other gluten free burgers I’ve tried, they are better than ALL the other pre-packaged veggie burgers I’ve had. For a fun, kiddo-approved meal, I like to serve them up with sweet potato tater tots and a mix of ketchup and chipotle Veganaise dipping sauce. Throw a side salad into the mix (we’ve been loving a simple dressing of one tablespoon apple cider vinegar, one tablespoon stone ground mustard, and one teaspoon flax oil) and you’ve got a shockingly easy and balanced midweek meal covered.

The first time I had these, Casey made them when I wasn’t feeling well. Gotta love the kale mashed potato “hair” and radish, carrot, and spinach face. He’s a special one, that fella.