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And maybe if I keep telling myself that, I will actually believe it! Vegan MoFo was a ton of fun, although I didn’t make quite as many posts as I had hoped. I did discover some fantastic new-to-me blogs, though, and I am still making my way through the feeds. I have a back log of posts that didn’t make it up last month, so I’ll continue posting those. It will be a busy month around here, as I plan on trying out plenty of recipes in hopes of putting together a fantastic xgfx Thanksgiving. I just picked up Gluten Free & Vegan Bread, which came out on October 30, to help inspire me. All of the breads look amazing, and I can’t wait to get down to some serious baking business.

In local news, I found another xgfx dish from one of my favorite restaurants! Turns out, the Cactus Grill Vegan Burrito Bowl is also gluten-free. And they deliver. I really do love that place. My favorite combination is Spanish rice, black beans, all the veggies, fajita style (grilled onions and peppers), hot salsa, and jalapeños. No guac. I feel bad about it, but I just can’t stand guacamole. Not just this guacamole, ALL guacamole. Terrible mouthfeel… but I digress. Back to the point: your next too-lazy-to-cook Sunday, work- or study-packed weekday, or Saturday night too-drunk-to-drive late night meal (they deliver late on Sat.) should be Cactus Grill. Just do it already.