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Casey and I are usually pancake people when it comes to making brunch at home. They are easy and always delicious, but truth be told, I prefer savory breakfasts. The realization that most packaged tempeh “bacon” contains gluten felt like a disappointing kick in the taste buds, so I decided to finally try my hand at making my own. And by my own, I mean I followed the recipe in Blissful Bites. Honestly, they came out tasting too much of tamari for my taste–they might do well in a stir-fry perhaps–so I will be experimenting with other recipes in the future.

I did, however, find a spectacular use for the leftovers the next day. I recently picked up Allyson Kramer‘s Great Gluten Free Vegan Eats, and was very excited to try the biscuits and gravy recipe. Actually, Casey was very excited, as I have never really liked biscuits and gravy, but because such a dish had become pretty much forbidden to me, I was struck with a craving. This recipe takes time, as you have to make a mix and let it chill in the fridge for a while before even starting on making the biscuits themselves. The mix can be made well in advanced though, and if you put it together the night before, the morning cooking is fairly quick. Back to the tempeh: I tossed the chopped up leftovers into the gravy, and they worked really well. Far better than on their own, even.

I thought they were good, and Casey thought they were amazing. I’m certainly not a b&g convert, but I will likely be making the biscuits again to take to family Thanksgiving. Additionally, we’ve made the pumpkin chili recipe a few times already, and it is our new go-to chili recipe when we need to clear out veggies in the fridge or freezer. The recipe makes plenty, and we’ve taken to eating the leftovers over baked potatoes. I plan on throwing some quinoa into the next batch. Miette loves it, and only picks out the red peppers. The girl loves roasted red pepper soup, as long as it is puréed; I’m guessing it is an issue with the texture of cooked peppers that dismays her. So far, those are the only two recipes I’ve tried, but the book is beautifully constructed, with recipes ranging from incredibly easy to those that take a little more skill (and a variety of GF flours) to create.