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Add 1/4 cup of your favorite granola to your favorite pancake recipe and meet your new favorite pancake recipe. Pictured above is the glorious creation of my husband, who started out making the buckwheat pancakes from Appetite for Reduction, but failed to locate the buckwheat flour and instead subbed some other GF flour he swears he can’t remember; I think he’s holding out on me because whatever he swapped in made these things even tastier than usual and I think he likes the idea of having created his own secret GF recipe to appease the hangry beast within me bust out on special occasions. He also tossed in 1/4 cup of my beloved pumpkin and fig granola and sprinkled a bit on top as well. The results: texture and flavor heaven and a blissful marriage! Sometimes, it really is that easy.

I would just like to take a moment to mention that this past weekend was the anniversary of our first date, and we celebrated by playing Dominion, watching the first two episodes of Boardwalk Empire, and accidentally feeding me gluten. We tied at Dominion (which has never, ever happened before!), I have fallen in love with BE (the sets! the cars! the fashions! the Buscemi!), and I became violently ill for the past two days, leading me to believe that I should follow through with seeing a specialist as my university doctor had suggested… over a year ago. As October turns to November, and I find myself in a flurry of bread-, cookie-, and cake-filled holiday festivities, my mantra is going to be “Take care, focus and heal.” And I’m gonna craft a batch of these beauties to sooth the sting of missing out on holiday favorites. .