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I just wrote a lengthy, personal post about why I’ve recently dropped the gluten in my diet, and how I’ve been feeling, only to have WordPress delete it when I tried to add a link. I’ll take that as a sign, and make this more curt: I felt bad, stopped eating gluten a few days ago after a year of suspicion, and now I feel better. So, there is where I am right now. I decided to give myself two weeks GF to see if I saw an improvement in my stomach/intestines, joints, and muscles, and I am now on day five and feeling better than I have at any point in the last 2 years. This blog didn’t start MoFo out gluten-free, and I’m not in the gluten-free feed bundle, so my apologies to anyone looking for some awesome seitan recipes.

Eating out vegan can be pretty tough, so I figured eating out gluten free would be impossible. Lucky for me, I live near a great Vietnamese restaurant, Xinh Xinh, and they can make their tofu summer rolls gluten-free by omitting a little fried bit of dough. Add a side of the spicy, pickled papaya and carrots, and you’ve got yourself a fast, delicious, and cheap (like, maybe six bucks total) xgfx meal. Yay!