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Why yes, that may be the nerdiest post title ever, but how could I resist? (For those that don’t get the Battlestar reference, please immediately get yourself to a television and take one dose of this. Follow-up treatments should include liberal administering of this, as often as possible, until series completion.)

But this post isn’t about well-written science fiction shows with some of the most dynamic and riveting female characters to ever grace the silver screen. This is Vegan MoFo, and I’m here to share the gospel of a lovely vegan Etsy seller, and her wonderful wares that keep me feeling full… of milk! Galactagogues–a ridiculously fun word to say over and over and over–are actually foods and herbs that can help keep milk supplies up for nursing mothers.

I discovered Twig & Leaf Botanicals while searching for soy candles. Kelly Beth (who is also a MoFo participant, find her here) has filled her shop with all manner of wonderful handmade vegan products: I found not only the soy candles in the most wonderful natural scents, but also an amazing body lotion (I believe it was called Litsea and Lemon) that smelled like lemon Girlscout cookies! She also sells a wide variety of herbs, spices, and teas. Currently, I’ve got her New Mother Tea on heavy rotation. Not only does it taste wonderful, but it contains fenugreek–a nifty little galactagogue that will make you smell faintly of maple syrup! Seriously! Another of my favorite products of hers, which isn’t a galactagogue itself, but it is delicious mixed with oatmeal (a galactagogue), is the chia and sugar blend. Her products are organic and come beautifully packaged in glass jars. Her shop is currently on vacation, but I highly recommend following her and getting yourself some goods when she re-opens!