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Sorry for the absence, I am in the midst of getting this nest in order for the arrival of the wee-one. I’m going to take a break from updating for a week or two, until Ciaran gets here and we get settled. I’m feeling really excited (and slightly impatient!) right now, and I’m about to cut off my computer access as I’ve googled every possible sign of labor an embarrassing amount of times and am driving myself a little bit batty! When I do get back to blogging, I’ve had requests for posts on personal hygiene/cleaning supply recipes, so I will post those, as well as a back log of a couple of dining out posts.

Cactus Grill Vegan Burrito

As a side note, I realized that I have not ever posted about one of my favorite restaurants in town, Cactus Grill. While they certainly deserve a more lengthy post (and better pictures!), here’s the gist: they have incredible vegan burritos, and they deliver! I usually go with the tofu, black beans, and spanish rice, fajita veggies, lettuce, tomato, and hot salsa, as pictured. It’s pretty cheap, too, with a very large and incredibly filling burrito costing about 7 bucks (they have veg burritos on special for 4.99 on Fridays, though!). I highly recommend this place!

Additionally, a few months back, a journalism student contacted me and asked for an interview. Well, that interview is now up on Smile Politely and can be found here. The photos were from just a couple of weeks ago, and I am swollen, sweaty, and GIGANTIC, lacking in make-up, a hair-do, and whatever other trappings a more stylish mom-to-be might find suitable, but hey, I did manage to be wearing a skirt rather than my usual stretched-to-the-brink-of-threadbare yoga pants, so I’m willing to call it a win for fashion. I hope everyone is having a lovely summer!