Sorry for the terrible pun, but I’m just too tired to come up with anything more clever or apt to title a post centered around my recent flash sale site scores. So, flash sale sites may or may not be all the rage, I have not a clue, but I follow a few of them, and I have been getting great deals on things that fall all along the spectrum from want to need. In case you don’t know, a flash sale site is a website that usually has a ridiculously good bargain on a select amount of goods for a very limited time (usually a few days or less). One site that I have relied on heavily throughout the past year has been Eco Baby Buys, and by holding out for the right sales, I’ve managed to get cloth diapers at up to 60% off, 40% off stainless steel baby bottles and other tableware, and organic cotton clothing and blankets for almost as cheap as the stuff you can grab from a big box store.

Colorful Grass shoes on sale at Vegan Cuts!

The past two days, however, have been particularly good at two of my favorite sites. I’ve written about Vegan Cuts before, as they were carrying a discounted Chickpea subscription at one point, but today, they are offering the lowest price I’ve ever seen on shoes from Colorful Grass! This shoe company makes vegan, sustainable, ethically produced shoes that have had me drooling since I came across them about a year ago. The price tag wasn’t so budget friendly for me then, but when I saw today that the exact pair I had my eye on were now 50 dollars cheaper? I POUNCED!

These clothes look comfy!

Another flash site boasting a multitude of ways to shop depending on your personal ethics (little icons tell you what is fair trade, organic, vegan, etc), Pure Citizen, has BOA organic cotton clothing on super clearance right now! I scooped up a top and a pair of pants, and while I was at it, noticed that Me Soap was available as well! It’s best if you go to their website to read the details of how their company works, but essentially, you buy a bar, and they get a bar to someone in need because hygiene is one of the simplest and most important ways to fight disease. Additionally, Vegan Cuts is featuring Me Soap bundles right now, which I may have taken advantage of, if I had not just purchased a couple of bars a day earlier.

Oatmeal Cookie Soap? Yes, please!

So, there it is, my little shopping spree. Ethics done on a budget! And just for good measure, I’ll leave you with this picture I snapped of my darling Mo Vox this morning. It is truly difficult to get a decent pic of a black-furred animal, and this was taken with my cell phone no less. Even so, it may be one of the best photos I have of her!

Miss Mo Vox