Today the family ventured out to Brave, the latest Disney Pixar offering. Yes, technically, the lead is a princess, and we have a pretty strict no Disney Princess rule in this house (and the Barbie selection is quite limited as well, although Joan Jett and Dana Scully collector editions slid by), but Brave is a story about the mother/daughter dynamic, responsibility, and compassion. Yeah, you read that right… MOTHER/daughter dynamic, as in, the mother isn’t deceased in this one! And there is no meddling, wicked, gold-digging maternal replacement playing the foe! And while there is a witch, she isn’t manipulative or evil! And there is no prince charming swooping in to save the day! And while many people adore Pixar movies for their emotionally charged content, I usually wind up feeling like I’ve been emotionally manipulated and depressed after viewings (Finding Nemo? Up? Tore my soul asunder!). It’s not that I wasn’t invested in the characters, it’s just that they refrained from taking any cheap shots; let’s face it, the first 45 minutes of Up were little more than a psychological experiment designed to see the effects of making parents confront their own mortality in a crowd surrounded by children left blissfully unaware of the cruel and lonely future that lies before them… *ahem* sorry, see, I just… can’t…let… go… Anyway, this movie didn’t throw me into an existential crisis and the leads were empowered women. YAY! I recommend checking it out, because if it doesn’t make money, you can bet that it will be 10 more years before Disney Pixar gives another leading lady a shot.

Also, I’ve heard rumors of sweetcorn at the market tomorrow! The wee morning hours of early summer are some of the beautiful of the year, I may just have to get up bright and early and take advantage.

*Edited to add: Merida’s hair may be the ultimate inspiration for my post-pregnancy return to the world of technicolor hair dye. That mop of bright orange-red curls is just too fantastic!