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Okay, so the two don’t really go together, but both were in our haul from the market this morning. I’m very excited about the tomato season, as I started experimenting with marinara sauces last year and I think I may be near perfecting my very own recipe. This is important stuff, you guys! Homemade marinara > jarred marinara by leaps and bounds!

The berries will inevitably make their way into another parfait with cashew crème. Last week, we had an epic amount of peaches, and I turned the majority of them into fruit leathers using my dehydrator. We’ve developed a habit of over-buying fruit when it is in season, and any extra tends to get puréed and dehydrated or frozen for smoothies. It’s been a good system so far, although I would love to try my hand at preserves and canning. Maybe next year?

The above shot reminds me of one of my favorite blogs, Things Organized Neatly. While my house may be a cluttered mess, there is something ultimately soothing and comforting about images of sometimes near-OCD order. Someday, my home will be organized neatly. Maybe next year?