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It sure doesn’t feel like summer, outside of the heat. May was a devastating month for me as there was a death in the family on Cinco de Mayo and the Thursday just before Memorial Day weekend, I was informed that one of the most important, inspiring, and influential people in my life had committed suicide. Add to the grieving some personal set backs that feel somewhat insignificant comparatively, but nonetheless ever-present, and I’ve felt like I’ve been milling around with rain clouds over my head.

Even so, I have so much that I am grateful for at this very moment. Casey and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary. Ciaran (that’s the name we settled on for the impending son) is healthy and strong and very active, and we’re far enough along that watching my belly move rhythmically when he has a bout of the hiccups has turned into a family affair. Miette is working hard at reading, organizing/cleaning, and making healthy food choices; I feel incredibly proud when I see her developing these wonderful habits, and her enthusiasm and excitement for these “mundane” tasks (like folding laundry, she loves it!) is contagious. My family is beautiful.

I’m going to make an effort to be more regular with writing posts. I think it is important for me to keep as much structure in my life as possible right now. Today is the first day in weeks that I’ve felt a surge of positivity and productivity, and I don’t want to lose momentum. I’m going to focus on simple joys, and on that note, I would like to share perhaps the easiest, tastiest, reasonably healthy snack, and as a bonus, all 3 of the ingredients happen to be on sale at Common Ground right now!

Toothsome is perhaps the best adjective available to describe this treat.


1/2 a 7 Sprouted Grains English Muffin (sub pretty much any English muffin or bread you like, of course!)

1 Strawberry, sliced

about 1 Tablespoon Justin’s Chocolate Peanut Butter (this stuff is amazing, and almost 1/2 the cost of the chocolate hazelnut variety)

Toast your muffin, slather on some peanut butter, top with strawberry slices. SO DELICIOUS! SO SIMPLE! It really reminds me of a chocolate strawberry shortcake, or something to that effect. And nothing says summer quite like strawberry shortcake, no?