It’s a grey, drizzling Sunday here in lovely Urbana. I honestly adore days like this, as they lend themselves to drinking copious amounts of hot tea, listening to pretty much any Stephin Merritt project, and completing odds ‘n’ ends projects around the house. And even though it may not be bright and sunny outside, the light showers have really made the flowers and greenery in my little garden pop with delightful color!

The garden box is coming along well. Look at all those leafy greens! We’ve got bok choy and broccoli growing in the terra cotta pots, and the cedar box contains two different types of kale (Ragged Jack and Dwarf Siberian) and spinach. My chives are gigantic, but nothing compared to the aggressively expanding oregano (not pictured). And Miette’s favorite: the bright pink roses are blooming! We plucked a nice full one to put in an old iced tea bottle a vase with a couple of lilac branches. The fragrance is completely grand. I’ve also picked some of those chive blossoms and have set about creating a chive blossom-infused vinegar. It’s going to take a couple of weeks to steep, but I’m really looking forward to it.