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Eat Pastry, in the fridge section at Strawberry Fields

Just a quick hit: new foods in town! Now available at Strawberry Fields, delightful, pint-sized tubs of refrigerated cookie dough from Eat Pastry!


So far I’ve had the gluten free (!) chocolate chip, which was about as good as you could expect a gluten free cookie to be; the flour made the cookie taste “earthier” than a regular chocolate chip cookie, but it was still pretty good. The peanut butter chocolate chip is completely delicious, although not gluten free. I haven’t decided if fresh-baked, warm cookie goodness at the drop of the hat is a good thing or a bad thing, though. These things certainly test the limits of my self-restraint.


Seriously, this stuff is really, really good.

Strawberry Fields and Common Ground Food Co-op both now carry the new Daiya cheese wedges (gluten free)! The havarti jalapeño garlic makes a fantastic cheese sauce when mixed with a little bit of Earth Balance, flour, and almond milk. Really, it is perfectly queso-esque and puts all other faux-cheese sauces to shame. My vegan nacho making has been elevated to a whole new level. I’m looking forward to trying out the cheddar in some pub-style broccoli soup in the very near future. Also, it is on sale at Common Ground for only $3.99 until April 17.

Not too long ago, Vegan Linda posted about the new Field Roast franks. I have to agree with her, they are delicious. Miette certainly adores them as well. Easter introduced me to Sweet & Sara vegan mini s’mores. I bought two packages, fully intending to sample one and toss the other in Miki’s basket (well, paper bag, whatever) but wound up eating them both. Oops. Also, Purely Elizabeth Pumpkin and Fig Granola (gluten free) mixed with unsweetened soy yogurt has become an integral part of my life.

In other news, I’ve become obsessed with playing The Settlers of Catan. While it is a bit expensive, if you have 45 bucks to spare I highly recommend stopping by Armored Gopher and picking it up. My first time in this delighful little store was just a few weeks ago, when Casey and I picked up the game. And you know what? The clerk didn’t even make fun of us when we returned five hours later to pick up an expansion pack (*cough* nerds *cough*). Casey and I also recently started watching True Blood.I realize that we are behind the times when it comes to media consumption in general (who needs cable?) and this show was probably at its height in popularity a couple of years ago, but, hey, it is new to us, and it is pretty much an R-ratedBuffy replacement. (*cough* nerds *cough*) Mindless entertainment and easy comfort foods are necessity as we near the end of an incredibly hectic school year.


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