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The weather here in Central Illinois has been spring-like for quite some time, and this past week or so has been downright summery. My family has been taking advantage by dining outside, playing outside, and working on projects… outside! This summer will mark Miette’s transition from preschooler to bona fide big kid–that is she will be starting kindergarten. Since I will be finished with school,  there will be no need for her to attend preschool over the summer, so we have decided to do a nature-based educational series of sorts at home (yes, I have a Pinterest idea board for that). First major project? A garden!

Casey constructing our cedar wood garden box

So far, I’ve managed to maintain an herb garden and a couple of very hardy houseplants. I’ve killed mint in the past. I’ll be honest, I do not have a green thumb, but I want to be gardener. It just seems so magical, and I mean that in the sense that I find everything about it mystical, perhaps bordering on alchemy. Yeah, I want to be a plant wizard. Even with such high aspirations, it is important to start small, with something manageable. Like a small container garden.

Mo Vox loves the out of doors!

Following the instructions for the cedar wood container box in You Grow Girlwe began our foray into the world of home-grown organic produce. Casey and I decided we had to plant out favorite veggies, kale and bok choy, while Miki had to have spinach and broccoli. Eventually we decided that perhaps our box wasn’t quite big enough for all that greenery and supplemented with a couple of large terra cotta pots. I’ll admit I have low expectations but high hopes, as this is my first garden. If nothing springs forth, we will likely just replace our failed seedlings with more mature plants and continue trying. But hey, often times education involves trial-and-error.

Miki is already dramatically reciting sonnets about the glorious garden we are creating. Okay, not really, but she does ham it up for the camera these days.