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My favorite place to eat lunch on campus is, hands down, The Red Herring (read more here). It is a vegetarian restaurant, and nearly everything is vegan, it is right across the street from the buildings I frequent, and, perhaps best of all, lunch usually costs in the neighborhood of six bucks. Pretty perfect, except there is no way of knowing if you are going to get your food quickly or slowly. I’ve spent over 20minutes waiting for a cup of soup and a garden salad, while some days a sandwich or elaborate special platter will come up in no time at all. There appears to be no rhyme or reason to the pacing, which makes this gem of a veggie restaurant a less than ideal candidate for days when you need a quick bite and to be on your way.

When I am in a rush, I rely on my next favorite campus eatery, The Bread Company. I’ve reviewed their dinner menu before, which you can read here. With spring in full bloom, and gorgeous, sunny weather upon us, I must recommend stopping by and sitting outside if you are in the neighborhood. They almost always have a veg soup and I am in love with their strawberry walnut salad.

A light lunch, outside! Oh, Spring, I love you!