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Hey everyone! It’s Vegan Month of Food! While I am a bit swamped these days, and can’t keep up with posting everyday, I though I would point out that Linda, writer of my favorite local vegan blog, Vegan Linda, is proving quite prolific with her postings! Be sure to keep up with her!

The perfect autumn birthday cupcake

My daughter recently turned five, and this marked her first vegan birthday celebration! I wanted to make something special, and settled on the s’mores cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. They were incredibly rich and very sweet. I added a Dandies marshmallow on each one, as they are perhaps the preferred junk food around these parts. I know they claim to be the best vegan marshmallow, but truth be told, I hated ALL marshmallows until I tried these babies. The texture, the flavor! So good! Between the icing and the cake itself, they are so sugar-filled that I think they will only make an annual to semi-annual appearance in our house. Regardless, Miki was delighted by the treats.

Finally Five!In other news, I was traipsing across the quad earlier this week and came across a lovely duck, doing duck things in a little puddle next to the bike path. This duck was so incredibly friendly, I fear that s/he may be someone’s wayward pet. If you are missing a duck, I recommend you check the campus ASAP. I’ve heard from others that s/he has been around for a few days now.

This duck was so fantastic, I was hoping s/he would follow me home

Also, I’ve been craving Indian food, and searching through the internet I stumbled across this post from 2010 about Bombay Indian on Smile Politely’s website. I would just like to clarify that I have called Bombay (both locations) and there is not a single item on their menu that is vegan. They verified it with the cooks while on the phone with me. Smile Politely seems to think that putting a disclaimer that says the food may not be vegan makes it okay to label food as vegan within the article. This is ridiculously unhelpful, and as someone who  is lactose intolerant, if I had trusted their “reporting” I would have found myself in dire pain within hours.

As I am sure many of you are aware, you can’t always believe what you read. I would also like to state that when I post about restaurant foods on this site, I have asked about ingredients, and unless I have been mislead by those working at the restaurants I have frequented, the food I post is vegan. This has led to some interesting discoveries; for example, the soy sauce at Ko Fusion is NOT vegan, and since discovering that I no longer use any soy sauce at restaurants, because that seems like the sort of thing that a server or cook may not even be aware of. If something appears on a menu in non-vegan form, but can be veganized, it will always be noted. Additionally, if you’ve inquired at some of the restaurants that I have featured and are told that something I’ve posted isn’t vegan, please leave a comment or shoot me a message so that the post can be updated to include this information. Thanks!